About Stinger Jeep Interior Storage

Stinger Inc Headquarters in Burrton, Kansas, USA


"Solving Problems"


Stinger Inc started as a family business with humble beginnings in the early 1990s building off-road farm equipment for the hay and forage industry. Father and son owners, Bill & Jake Matlack, both Jeep owners, over the years have spent countless hours engineering, crafting, and designing storage solutions for fellow JK owners like themselves.

Out of their own necessity this product line was born, Jeep Interior Storage, by Stinger Inc. Designed and manufactured right in America’s heartland, Stingers facility is built on 23 acres with approximately 45,000 square feet of production space, as well as sales and administration offices that specialize in the engineering, design, and marketing of Stingers full line of products including both JK and JKU storage systems.

Stinger products are Proudly Made in America
Made with a solid steel construction and powder coated to stand up to anything you throw at them or in them, these storage systems will provide a safe and secure place for all your trail gear.